Anime Girls in Real Life: The World of PVC Sexies

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The world of PVC sexies is a staple otaku supplement. If you don’t have your anime crushes and waifus as physical entities, what sort of otaku are you?

So recently something caught my eyes. Kotobukiya (the US site and the Japan site in English), known for good quality figures of anime and comic characters have created a masterpiece figure based on Date A Live’s most dangerous and lethal spirit, Kurumi Tokisaki. It is priced at about 5700. It’s out of stock right now. I saw it a while ago. Real life Kurumi is what prompted me to research about it at that time and finally write this article over the last few days.

Strong warning: Don’t take it lightly. This article contains graphically intense (read sexy) imagery and some lovey-dovey words. Both these things are not for kids. So discontinue reading at once if you are underage.

She’s going to pierce your chest, grab your heart, and steal it.

For a lot of otakus, PVC dolls that have “removable” tops are a necessary commodity to display the magnitude of their fan love. Although their “clothes” are plastic, but they can be removed with the tap of a finger.

So let’s talk about what’s a PVC doll. These pre-painted PVC figures are “sculpted” by expert staff. A general PVC sexy termed “1/7” in size would be 70mm tall and 190mm long when laid down. Many of these real life anime girls are made out of esters of phthalic acid (phthalate esters).


The tough Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS plastic, is also used to create these figurines.

These dolls come in various sizes but finding a human-like figure is very hard outside Japan. So generally, you’ll find these models in sizes labelled very mysteriously like 1/8 or 1/6.

After a whole lot of research, all I could make of it was this: the smaller the number below 1, the bigger the figure. So as one would expect logically, 1/4 is much bigger than 1/8. However, generally, 1/8 and 1/6 figures rule. I almost found a 1/3 figure, but it was one heck of precious plastic.

Very realistic, seriously crafted, and appreciated worldwide, the anime girls in real life are equally seducing.

So once I randomly bumped into a website that sells such figures. I can’t swear it was random. The choices bewildered me. Felt like a game shop where you want to play everything you see.

First, there were the categories. I could pick from multiple stores. One store had stuff like hentai manga and DVDs. Another one had keyrings, notebooks, etc. Another one had PVC figures: all the way from 1/8 to 1/2 figures. So seductive, their looks and the options. One category proudly belonged to sex toys.

That day, I made a decision. I’ll order lots of those. Of course that will burn my wallet but well. Anything for removable-top dolls. I mean, who can resist them? They even come in adjustable formats! You can literally pick from several “positions.”

So I saw a “Freddy vs. Jason – JASON Bishoujo PVC” by Shunya Yamashita made by Kotobukiya. Of course you can remove her bra. Or so I assume.

So you see, I have absolutely no knowledge or interest in whatever Freddy vs. Jason is, but I have profound interest in this model. That’s the power. That’s my weakness that these companies so well exploit. It costs nearly $70.

There’s a good chance that it won’t be bigger than your palm. Now there was a Hatsune Miku (Risa Ebata Version). It’s a recent release. It costs €180. It’s a typical model of 1/7 (20cm – yes, let me say that again, 20 freaking cm).

Wait, you’re saying 20cm is too small? Well, it’s not. Not for diehard otakus. Have you ever thought about having Hatsune Miku sitting on your palm? Anime girls in real life usually come in small sizes so that they’re easy to manipulate. These domination-implying worlds are exactly what enrage feminists, I assume. No offense meant.

The Asuna model (Idol Asuna – Dengekiya Exclusive) is 1/8. It costs a bit more than $100. Don’t feel bad Asuna, it’s just about the material and manufacturer.


Freddy vs. Jason – JASON Bishoujo PVC; Hatsune Miku (Risa Ebata Version); and Idol Asuna – Dengekiya Exclusive: all in slightly different sizes and largly different prices.

So as you notice, the PVC (and ABS) doll business – the business that makes the notion of “anime girls in real life” literally a real thing, is a business like no other. Hard manufacture work, good designing and coloring, removable-top mechanism, and pretty on-your-face, buy-it-or-screw-yourself prices.

At one hand, we download SoniAni episodes in an hour. At other hand, we order “Super Sonico Figure (Sweets & Bikini) Japan Anime Sexy” for $57 (from eBay) and wait for days for delivery.


This is the captivating power of the real life anime girls. She won’t talk to you, she won’t call you senpai, but she’ll be there for you when you need her. With her adjustable positions and removable tops, she will try her best to give you otaku pleasure.

Off to shopping real life anime girls now. If you don’t know about, then let me give you some websites I stumbled upon purely due to academic interests, ahem.

  • For starters, eBay can be a good option. Just search for “anime dolls” on eBay and you’ll find affordable deals. I would also like to include Amazon and AliExpress, check their toys sections.
  • If you’re more into professional services and generally into dolls, then Hobby Fan is the way to go. With complete figures of over 250 anime and plushies, Hobby Fan won’t disappoint you. Besides that, it has a ton of other stuff, like seriously a ton.
  • Now, my personal favorite. If you need general dolls you can just Google them. But if you’re more into the adult range and above 18 years old, then you can try out your “friends in Japan” – Jlist and JBox (just put .coms). I forgot but one of them is normal and one adult. Now I think it doesn’t matter anymore because none of the websites explicitly show “For adults only.”

Obviously I must’ve let out many more important sources for acquiring sexy anime girls. Do forgive me for that.

I derive most of my inspirations and practical traits from Hikigaya Hachiman.