8 Hottest Anime / Manga Bishōnen

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This post is a compilation of the 8 hottest anime and manga bishōnen (meaning a beautiful young boy) based on popularity and a bit of my own personal bias. It was made considering not only their looks but also their character developments and the importance of their roles in a particular plot.

8. Kyouya Sata (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

This is the Kyouko Sata seduction GIF. Savor it, girls.

The last on the list but not the least. Initially, he is shown to be uncaring and cruel, blackmailing Erika and tormenting her. Gradually he starts to care, and slowly realizes that he, a ‘Prince Charming,’ is falling for ‘plain’ Erika. Interesting till the end, as well as entertaining, Kyouya’s moments can make any girl swoon. His jealousy and growing protectiveness for Erika adds to his charm.

7. Tasuku Kurosaki (Dengeki Daisy)

Colorized Tasuku Kurosaki (he’s a manga-only character).

The school janitor, Kurosaki just had to be included in this list. His personality is the epitome of contradiction for he is shown to act cruelly towards Teru and yet comes to her rescue every single time. He acts out of genuine kindness and is extremely protective towards her. His devotion and love for Teru, his nature, and his devil may care attitude combine to make him really attractive.

6. Kazuki Hihara (La Corda D’oro Primo Passo)

Kazuki Hihara specializes in the trumpet.

This is a beautiful anime and I don’t have any words to express how dear it is to my heart. As for Kazuki, he’s too cute. Energetic, loud and carefree, his adoration for Kahoko makes one smile. Friendly in nature, he steps in to help Kahoko at every juncture. He’s the absolute opposite of Len (#4 on the list) and extremely devoted to Kahoko’s cause.

5. Usui Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)

Usui Takumi is the litmus test if you’re unsure about a girlfriend’s sexual orientation.

Oh no, I haven’t forgotten him! ‘Perverted outer space alien’ as described by Pres, this is one heck of a delicious guy from a quite beautiful anime. Stalker, chess expert, cooking master, athlete, artist, smexy, blunt, quarter British; yes, that’s Usui for you. Makes me wonder how Misaki bagged him. Hot guy with mysterious past? Check. A silent genius who has the meaning of life wrapped around his finger? Check. Blonde haired with a bored yet sexy drawl? Check. Misaki was just that girl who broke the rules and caught his interest, drawing him like Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club. His outrageous activities can make a girl blush and also add to his attractiveness.

4. Len Tsukimori (La Corda D’oro Primo Passo)

Len specializes beautifully in the violin, and is the best one out of the lot, but makes music too mechanically, without a soul.

Another guy from this anime. Len is cold and strict in the beginning but slowly warms up to Kahoko. His world seems to revolve around his violin and he seems rude and self-absorbed to outsiders. Kahoko warms his heart and makes him realize that music comes from the heart.

She makes him care about people, and he falls in love with her, showing his devotion indirectly where he steps in for her or tries to protect her. Len can make any girl’s heart flutter.

3. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Intelligence is sexy, sure. But when intelligence is mixed with a dark, deeply faulted mind — it’s all the better.

Many people might dislike him but I can’t help admire him. With his intelligence, his shrewd intent to rid the world of all sinners, Light is the perfect bad guy and that aspect makes him attractive. Every episode in the anime is intense, and Light’s sharpness and personality – intelligence, maliciousness, and lack of conscience heighten his looks. The look he passes when he arrives on his next kill is enough to send shivers down one’s spine.

2. Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)

His aim, ladies, is your heart.

It’s as if every guy in this manga/anime is hot. Zero is sort of that underdog, the guy who loves his best friend from a distance, a guy who will make your heart beat just a little faster. He’s not the vampire, but the vampire knight. His selfless love for Yuki and his patient, caring nature plus his smoldering eyes and the perfect messy hair make him attractive. He’s not perfect like Kaname (the other protagonist of the story), thus all the more attractive.

1. Hokuto Mamiya (Hapi Mari)

That smile.

It was hard to choose, considering the candidates. But he is the one I would conclude as number 1 in this list.

Hokuto is that typical arrogant, cold and distant guy who has that hidden charm which overshadows his possible demerits. Every manga sketches their lead to be different and Hapi Mari is no exception. Under Hokuto’s apparent selfish and uncaring nature, there hides a loving, caring, hardworking, and honest person, which is brought out slowly and steadily grabbing all attention leaving the reader in awe and thrill.

His hot and cold temperament, those rare moments of vulnerability, his passion and love for Chiwa, his shrewd desire to achieve his goals; it just makes one fall in love head on. This isn’t the typical bad boy kind of story, it’s much different from that and more than just a strong recommendation!