Interview with Akanksha Sachan

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Akanksha Sachan is an amazing cosplayer originally from Kolkata, now living in New Delhi.

Her passion for cosplaying and costume making has inspired thousands. She has also featured her cosplaying talent in international cosplay events like those of Philippines. Let’s have a talk with her about cosplaying and beginners.

1. Who is your favorite character to cosplay and why?

Erza Scarlet from Fairy tail. She is very similar to my personality — a strong and independent woman.

2. Tell us about yourself and how you started cosplaying.

Akanksha was an OtakuHouse Cosplay Idol finalist for 2013. Check her amazing cosplays that got her a total of 1329 score.

Akanksha was an OtakuHouse Cosplay Idol finalist for 2013. Check her amazing cosplays that got her a total of 1329 score.

I am a fashion/costume designer by hobby and a graphic designer by profession. I started cosplaying  long ago when the term cosplay wasn’t even known in this country. Being a fashion student I always loved making clothes and anime got me into making costumes of my favorite characters. I started cosplaying without even realizing that this is an entire subculture.

3. The first character you cosplayed?

Kagome Higurashi from InuYasha.

4. People often find it difficult to make costumes. Any pointers for them?

Key is to start simple. Don’t jump into making difficult costumes because they are tempting. Choose the characters whom you love.

Google is your new BFF. You can find thousands of tutorials and DIYs for everything, once you do a proper research it will be a lot easier to proceed.

5. How do you feel about the current state of conventions and cosplaying in India?

Rangiku Matsumoto Cosplay by Akanksha Sachan

Rangiku Matsumoto Cosplay by Akanksha Sachan

Cosplay in India has grown with a vigorous speed considering it was a dry land 5 years ago. This community has a lot of potential and amazing cosplayers.

I just want them to keep following their passion for cosplay.

6. What was the first convention you attended? How was the experience?

It was Delhi Comic con 2013.

The experience was amazing considering it was my first convention. I had a lot of fun and made so many friends.

7. I can’t stop thinking about your Erza cosplay when talking to you. What part of her do you identify yourself with?

Erza Scarlet Cosplay by Akanksha Sachan

I guess everything 😛

She is me, I am her.

8. What conventions are you thinking of attending in 2016?

BCC, MFCC, and DCC (I will be everywhere). Hopefully 😛

9. Thank you a lot. Finally, any casual tips for budding cosplayers?

Keep working hard. Don’t let anyone get in your way. You will do great ^_^

I derive most of my inspirations and practical traits from Hikigaya Hachiman.