About Us

Hello there!

We at Nihonden are a group of passionate Japan-lovers. We publish high-quality and original content about anime, culture, manga, otaku life, and reviews of many creative art forms including anime, light novels, and anime movies.

We have solid plans to flesh out more categories in our arsenal and we need your active feedback and support for that! The categories we’re aiming are: cosplay, fashion, Japanese cuisine, gaming, and music.

We try to craft engaging content through various types and styles of writing: reviews, casual posts, intellectual articles, debates, reports, news digests, and so on. We are always looking for authors to join us.

Our team tries its best to be factual and correct. Still, we’re humans and certain errors every once a while cannot be totally avoided. The errors might be of typographical, grammatical, factual, or stylistic nature. You’re advised to not trust everything written on this website with a blind eye.

Our team comprises of people ranging from students to business professionals. We have a few senior correspondents from Japan and contributors from around the globe that help us with inputs regarding Japanese culture.

  • If you want to Join Us as an author, we’ll be much pleased! Just keep a couple samples of your writing work ready – as document files or URLs. Payment details will be made clear in private talk.
  • If you would like to talk to us about anything, we’ll be much obliged to answer you. Use the form at our Contact Us page or message us on Facebook.


  • We aim to grow and establish ourselves as a brand, first of all.
  • Our primary aim is to spread the Japanese popular culture and satisfy our love of the same, both at once.
  • In future, we’re interested about publishing a monthly subscription based e-book and also a physical magazine within India.

Cheers, and have a good day!


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