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Accel World is enjoyable and makes our imagination go wild. Great plot, amazing art and sound, and lovable characters fill this anime.

Accel World takes place in 2065 with a science fiction setting that revolves around the seemingly ordinary life of an overweight teenage student, Haruyuki, who keeps trying to escape reality as he finds it very unpleasant. He is then introduced to a program called ‘Brain Burst’ by a pretty girl, changing his life forever and providing him a goal to work towards.

The program requires him to fight with others in a virtual realm. Brain Burst may not sound suspicious at first, but it has multiple characteristics which keep the audience entertained by creating some stress for the characters.

Brain Burst in Accel World.

Brain Burst in Accel World.

For starters, here’s a bit of technical details.

Brain Burst can allow its user to move and react much faster than usual, but every time it is used, it costs 99% of the user’s points; Points getting reduced to zero would result in the program getting uninstalled along with all the memories the user has of using and knowing about Brain Burst. This program also has its fair share of intricacies, which makes the program even more attractive to the audience.

Plots such as this usually have a very unrealistic approach towards the characters, which a lot of times, can result in a poorly handled plot. Fortunately, this is not the case in Accel World, which has a near perfect blend of characters for its plot. But such plots are no longer unique: It’s easy to name another anime with a similar plot with a few things different here and there.

This plot, in particular, has a nice feel to it while also maintaining certain aspects of characters such as power, love, and agony, in proper proportions. Therefore, the plot for this anime would receive a score of 8/10.

The entire length of the anime boasts an aesthetically pleasing art and animation. The animation in Accel World easily qualifies for the term amazing. Accel World uses a texture which is quite soothing to the eye, while creating a fine mix of colors that would attract the audience and maintain the perfect mood.

Accel World ensures that the characters look the way they are meant to be painted in the eyes of the audience. This also helps the anime make sure that the audience knows exactly who someone is, as far as personalities are concerned. The detailing and the art used for the looks of the characters convey a lot about them, giving a vibe suitable for that particular character.

Accel World ensures that the characters look the way they are meant to be painted in the eyes of the audience.

Accel World ensures that the characters look the way they are meant to be painted in the eyes of the audience.

Animation that we have at our disposal is of high resolution, and thus dropping the hammer of judgment, the final score received for art and animation is 10/10.  Just imagine watching this on an 80” TV with 1080p screen resolution and surround sound system in a dimly lit room with some beverages. It’d certainly be an amazing experience!

Background music and sound are packed with uniqueness: Its characters’ voices are pleasant and the background music changes many times throughout the long conversations between characters. It not only makes the conversation more interesting and engaging, but i tdistinguishes between the emotions conveyed in the conversation as well.

If it is a more emotional conversation, there could be slow background music; if it is a conversation after a fight, the music would be something more suited to it. The sounds are well timed and have an important role for the plot to play out flawlessly. This aspect is a very crucial one and it receives a 9/10.

There are just a few characters the anime focuses on, a perfect example for that would be of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime. Haruyuki is a character with low self-esteem and almost negligible confidence, while Kuroyukihime is mature and responsible one who has confidence along with good looks and intelligence.

Characters in this anime are pretty simple and compensate for each other very well, and that works out well for this anime and makes it even more enjoyable.

The character development speed is a bit slow if not decent. Though, to compensate for it, the episodes in the anime are well designed. Episodes seem to go fast, exploring the characters moderately, while leaving the viewer craving for more. The characters and their personalities are an important aspect, and it would receive an 8/10.

On a side note, the cliffhangers are well placed thus making the anime more interesting. Although for some, it gives off an unpleasant feeling, but anyway there aren’t too many of them.

From the plot to art to the cliffhangers, everything works together perfectly to create the best atmosphere possible and certainly lends a boost to the enjoyment factor. Overall, the anime has a great plot, amazing art and sound, while also catering to a rather big demographic. The plot could have been better and so could have been the characters, but the cinematography and art style are simply among the finest.


Accel World is enjoyable and makes our imagination go wild. But not too wild for us to be imagining things like the world being just some food for a weird wolf. In conclusion, this anime would be receiving an 8/10 as its final score.


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