Angel Beats Anime Review

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The anime features a group of teenagers at a state of violent rebellion against the supposedly evil angel.

The setting is made to be a state of Purgatory whereby the characters group up for battle plans and decisive strategies to face evil.

Otonashi, the lead, on his early arrival to the land of the unknown, teams up with Yuri and gang on a quest of endless discoveries following aggressive encounters; the catch being that nobody dies in Purgatory. The following is about a 13 episode anime, with a few plot holes here and there mainly for the urgency to keep it short, subtle comedy and a standard incorporation of a love-triangle.


The characters share similar traits of being high-school students thus incorporating an undying urge to seek the unknown. The character count however exceeds far more than necessary resulting in frequent plot holes besides affecting the viewer’s attention.

The supporting characters do have major roles to play as the show progresses; some of which even feature gripping background stories.

The individual focus on each character is the ultimate thing to watch out for. The aforementioned plot of the love-triangle, though fast-paced and confusing, has an endearing feel to it.



Being a creation of one of the most renowned houses of productions, i.e., P.A.Works, the animation is a certain disappointment when compared to other titles from the same house like Another and Canaan; the kind which demonstrates sheer brilliance on the technical front. However, there are a lot of action sequences to look forward to in terms of animation. To sum it up – though sometimes dull, there exists provision for eye-grabbing sequences and works of art.


Composed by Maeda, this is actually the aspect which sets a standard for this anime. Two seconds into the opening theme and one shall get my point. That said, this anime is blessed with a genuine soundtrack, the kind which only leaves the viewer wanting for more. Keep an eye for the musical scenes featured in this anime.

Final overview


Initially set to qualify the genre of sad anime, it affects more on the emotional front.


Considering the numerous plot holes and an insane effort to acquaint us with all the characters in a short span of 13 episodes, this anime is still worth a watch.

When compared to others of its sort like Clannad or Kanon, no doubt it falls short on inducing the same feels; yet there does exist the touch of uniqueness that makes this anime stand out.

Alakananda Chowdhury