ERASED Anime Review

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Review Overview
  • Story9
  • Animation9
  • Characters10
  • Music and OST9
Total Score9.3

It came, made its mark on history, and concluded with a happy ending.

I didn’t have much expectations from the winter 2016 cour except for the few series such as Haikyuu. But I was pleasantly surprised when another series unexpectedly became the best anime of the cour in my view. As an anime fan to the bone, I cannot be happier to watch an anime such as ERASED.

Genre – Mystery, Supernatural, Psychological

Manga writer – Kei Sanbe

Publisher – Kadokawa Shoten

Magazine – Young Ace

Anime director – Tomohiko Itou

Studio – A-1 Pictures

Episodes – 12

Original run – January 8 to March 25 (Winter 2016 cour)

Plot review

The episode division of each episode was well thought-out. It keeps the audience in suspense and a strong tingling feeling of what happens next makes you want to continue with the next episode.

I personally watched the series after it was completed, and I just couldn’t get off my computer screen without finishing the full series. The plot is aimed at a more matured audience (seinen), as it’s very serious and sometimes too complex for a young audience.

This is a real treat to the fans of the mystery genre, and can be enjoyed by others as well.

Story: 9/10

The story is well thought-out and presented in the anime. It is about 29-year-old mangaka Fujinuma Satoru, who works part time at Oasi Pizza. He mysteriously possesses a special ability called “Revival” which allows him to travel back in time to prevent any life-threatening incident.

But when his mother was murdered by an unknown assailant, he is sent back 18 years in time, where the root of the murder lies. During that time, two young girls and a young boy were killed and though the police arrested a suspect, most of the case was still a mystery.

Animation: 9/10

The animation is great and the characters are well justified. ERASED has fluid motion and fine background art, as expected from A-1 Pictures. Proper use of dark colors at the past part brings out more depth and portrays the plot perfectly.

Expressions of the characters are maintained realistic, without any overdramatic exaggerations. Character designs are well done, especially the younger protagonist and his friends. Even the villain, who is not revealed till the last, is well shown throughout.

Overall, the work deserves praise.

Characters: 10/10

All the characters of ERASED are strong and have active participation in the plot. We were taught in our Multimedia course that in any good series we cannot point out any character where the plot can be successful without them. This series perfectly validates that point.

If we deduct even one character, the plot will come tumbling down to a standstill. I felt like going over each character to prove this. Starting from the protagonist Satoru; his co-worker Airi, who supports him at tight spots; his mother Sachiko, who was the first to figure out the murderer (which got her killed); and his boss at Oasi Pizza, who made both positive and negative impressions.

In the past: Satoru’s best friend Kenya, who had a strong sense of justice and an eye to notice every small thing; Kayo, the first victim of the serial murder case who was saved by Satoru; Satoru’s other friends starting with Hiromi, Osamu, and Kazu who helped him wherever they could. And most importantly, Yashiro Gaku, Satoru’s primary school homeroom teacher, who perfectly maintained his act of a perfect role-model teacher while hiding certain secrets. Every single character fulfills his or her role and makes the series a success.

Music and OST: 9/10

Sound effects play a vital role for the success of any series. And here they play their role successfully. The background music fits in perfectly at required places and helps in creating a sense of suspense and thus, is very important for the proper conveying of the plot.

Specifically, the opening and ending themes are very important for an anime as they give an immediate insight into the anime itself and set the right mood for its viewers.

The opening song “Re:Re:” by Asian Kung Fu Generation does a great job here by firing up the viewers with its interesting rhythm. The ending song “Sore wa Chiisa na Hikari no You na” (It’s Like a Small Light) by Sayuri creates a sense of suspense with its mysterious tone.

Overall: 9.3/10

The overall experience after watching ERASED is pretty fulfilling. The plot development and character development is done on a moderate rate, with some plot twists and turns creating the much-needed suspense that makes you want to watch more.

The anime ends with a satisfying conclusion, though I was pretty sad when the series ended because I wanted to watch more, but it would most certainly kill the plot if it would have continued any further.

In short: It came, made its mark on history, and concluded with a happy ending.