The Princess and the Pilot Light Novel Review

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Review Overview
  • Story9.5
  • Characters9
  • Art7
  • Writing style9
Total Score8.6

There are some stories that you never want to end. I can safely say that after you read this novel, you’ll categorize it similarly.

Name: The Princess and the Pilot

Author: Inumura Koroku

Genre: Romance, Drama, Action

Demographic: Shōnen (also incorporates Shōjo elements)

Status: Completed

Volumes: 1


The Princess and the Pilot, or “Remembrances for a Certain Pilot,” follows the mercenary pilot Charles Karino as he travels 15,000 kilometers across the ocean to a different continent with the future empress of his country, Fana del Morel, in the backseat of a two-seater reconnaissance plane. The novel follows the journey of Charles and Fana as they set out on such a dangerous voyage. The story also tells the somewhat unfortunate past of Charles through some well-written flashbacks.

Set in an alternate universe in the backdrop of two warring super-states – Levahm and Amatsukami, the story follows the development of a unique kind of summer love while touching on a variety of themes, especially that regarding the various aspects of the human nature. It also touches on the futility of war, perhaps the same way Byron does in his celebrated poem, “The Eve of Waterloo,” glorifying the warriors, and at the same time discouraging the institution of war as a whole.

It also shows a small bit of rivalry between Charles and an Amatsukami pilot, which serves as fodder for the action lovers.

Reviewer’s comments

There are some stories that you never want to end. I can safely say that after you read this novel, you’ll categorize it similarly. I literally started reading it in the middle of the night and sat throughout the night reading it (and being horribly late for school the morning after). But it’s alright because this was one hell of a read. The writing style remained brilliant throughout, aptly describing everything that is written to a point where nothing more is expected.

And the thing that is rather endearing in this novel is its characters. If you look carefully, the plot is rather common to an extent (common in the sense that you can find it in any Indian movie where the rich girl falls for the poor boy). But the character development and writing style take this common plot to a fairly extraordinary level, leaving a mark in the reader’s mind.

The illustrations suited the story well, but the drawing style seemed a little bland. Overall, it is a recommended story. In the light novel realm dominated by the poorly-thought-out harem stories and stories dedicated to imoutos (younger sister), this would be a well-deserved respite for the readers.

It would be a great pleasure for this humble reviewer if he could influence you to read the novel after reading this review.

Van Wider

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